Stamped concrete is a great option for patios, pool decks and driveways. It can also be used to beautify walkways, stairways and entryways in both residential and commercial settings. Stamped concrete service costs less than other materials like stone or brick and is just as attractive.

Is stamped concrete a good idea?

The process involves using rubber stamps or texturizing mats to imprint a pattern into wet concrete before it sets. It can be done on new concrete or existing concrete that has been in good condition. Typically, the concrete is poured in a flat slab and allowed to set before the stamping is applied. This allows the contractors to ensure that the concrete is straight before they begin stamping. The stamps are usually made from real material and can be designed to look like a variety of building products including cobblestone, tile, slate, wood planks or brick.

Color is a vital part of stamped concrete and it is added either before or during the stamping process. There are two types of color release; powdered (cast-on color release) or liquid (sprayed-on). It is important to understand how the color is added to the concrete before you hire a contractor for the project.

Stamped concrete can be damaged by harsh weather and it is important to know how to repair cracks in this type of surface. It is also essential to know how to reseal the concrete after it has been repaired in order to keep it looking its best.

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