After the long wait, DC finally has a legal place to get marijuana in Washington. Until recently, Congress had blocked District residents from selling recreational weed in their own jurisdiction. Now, it’s legal to buy weed in DC from dispensaries and grow it yourself at home. However, there are still some important things to keep in mind when you want to enjoy recreational weed in Washington. Read more

Despite the fact that the District legalized recreational weed with Initiative 71, Congress still controls its marijuana laws through the Harris rider. That’s why weed shops in DC still work differently than liquor stores do. They’re able to operate thanks to the law’s “gifting” provision, which allows them to sell products like gummies and brownies that look and taste just like candy, but are technically not for sale.

“In the Heart of Legalization: The Evolution of DC’s Weed Dispensary Culture

Aside from selling marijuana, some I71 shops also sell T-shirts and other merchandise to their customers. The stores hope that the additional goods will distract potential robbers. But this approach could backfire if federal authorities decide to start focusing more attention on DC’s marijuana industry.

I71 shops are open to anyone 21 years or older, but you must bring a state-issued ID and cash to make a purchase. This includes DC residents and tourists who are visiting from other states where weed is legal. If you are interested in trying out edibles, I71 shops like The Garden offer a wide variety of pot-infused brownies, cookies, and gummies from brands like Stoney Patch and MOTA. You can buy them as a gift or take some home with you.

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