How to Create YouTube Discovery Ads

Youtube discovery ads ads are video advertising formats that can appear pinned at the top of relevant search results, above other suggested videos on a watch page, or on desktop and mobile YouTube homepages. Similar to responsive search ads, discovery ads allow you to supply at least one image thumbnail and a headline and description, and Google’s machine learning will then assemble an optimized combination that best appeals to each relevant user.

They are also often used to retarget viewers who have already watched your video content. This type of retargeting can help you move prospects further down your sales funnel.

Unlocking the Potential of YouTube Discovery Ads: Your Guide to Effective Video Marketing

Video discovery ads can be very effective, especially when combined with powerful creative assets and accurate audience targeting. These ads are visible throughout the YouTube platform, from watch pages to search results, and they don’t interrupt video playback – meaning your audience will be more likely to engage with them than in-stream video ads that play before or during a video.

To create a video discovery ad, first log into your AdWords account and go to the Campaigns tab. Choose a YouTube campaign objective, and select the ‘Video’ campaign subtype if you want to target viewers with Discovery ads. Then, provide a video ad creative, a short headline and description, your business name and logo, and your budget and timelines. When you’re ready to start your campaign, click ‘Create Campaign’.

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