Grocery Store Digital Signage

Grocery Store Digital Signage

Digital Signage Prices grocery stores and supermarkets use digital signage to communicate with customers in a more personalized, dynamic, and intelligent way. They’ve moved beyond discount fliers and static signs to create eye-catching digital screens that provide shoppers with helpful information, promotions, and more.

Digital signage lets you share food options that are appropriate for each time of day with menu boards displayed at your storefront windows and entrances. They can be updated easily, remotely and automatically. In-store digital signage can show customer loyalty programs in an attention-grabbing, interactive way with a QR code that directs them to the loyalty program signup page. In addition, you can display community involvement and local sourcing to reinforce your position as a good neighbor.

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At checkout lines, digital signs can cycle through great deals for on-sale items in multiple areas of your store so that customers can find them more easily, helping them spend more on their groceries. Displaying these digital notices can also reduce the perceived wait time and make it more enjoyable for your customers.

Digital endcaps can promote products from different departments like fresh, frozen and dairy and can be updated easily to reflect changing product availability. They can be used to cross-sell in your full service departments and in your food court and can help you drive more revenue from the same space. They can also be used to highlight products based on location and time of day such as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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