Mental health problems can cause changes in daily life schedules, school, work and family relationships. They can also affect ways of thinking and moodiness. They are treatable.

At this facility Recovery and Wellness Center can walk in and receive mental health services for a variety of reasons. These can include coping with stress, trauma and grief; dealing with relationship issues; alcohol or drug use; and suicidal thoughts. The clinic is staffed with Master’s level clinicians, co-occurring clinical specialists, a psychiatrist and advanced practice nurses. In addition, they are available for after hours support by phone.

Tailored Transformation: The Promise of Bespoke Inpatient Rehab Programs in the UK

In this program, individuals can find the help they need to make lasting behavioral changes in a safe and warm environment. Individuals will work collaboratively with their team to identify their needs and break down the barriers to recovery. Treatment includes individual and group therapy, family and couples counseling, psychiatric services and more.

Longbranch Recovery and Wellness Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, offers a full continuum of addiction and mental health treatment. Their comprehensive programs are designed to uproot the underlying trauma and mental health conditions that cause substance abuse and addiction.

They provide a high-intensity and frequency of individual and group therapy. They offer a range of other treatments and therapies such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, acupuncture, DC micro stimulation, massage, art therapy and psychoeducation on communication and boundaries, sleep hygiene and the neurobiology of addiction. The program also provides a combination of medication and self-help support groups to assist with relapse prevention and improve functioning.

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