Where to Get Imaginative Animals Ideas

imaginary animals ideas

A fantasy animal can add an interesting twist to a story and can be a barrier or something the hero must overcome. They can also help the reader connect to the world and its characters. But they can’t just be a random creature that pops up in the corner of the page, so take the time to make them feel like an important part of your world.

One of the best places to get imaginary animals ideas is to observe real creatures. Look at their shapes, colors, textures and movements. Try to notice whether they are camouflaged or very bright, if they have spots, stripes, splotches or fur, how their bodies move — bending over for a poop, running with legs spread out, curling their snout for eating, etc. Sketchbooks are great for this as well. If you have a natural history museum nearby, take the time to visit and study their collections of animal skeletons.

Creatures of the Mind: Imaginary Animal Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Another way to design an imaginary animal is to pick two existing animals and imagine what they might look like if they came together. This is how we got the centaur, which has the head and torso of a human and the body of a horse. But it also leads to weirder combinations, such as the griffin with its bird wings and lion antlers or the asexual bdelloid rotifers that evolve by stealing DNA from other rotifers. The key is to think about the ecology and evolutionary background of these animals and blend them in a way that makes sense.

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