Finding a Land Surveyor in York PA

York PA land surveyor near me

York PA land surveyors near me  are the professionals who determine property boundaries and map land features, including earth contours and elevations. They also stake out improvements that are to be constructed. These surveys are a critical part of construction, development and real estate transactions. They also help prevent legal disputes and guide infrastructure projects. They can also increase a home’s resale value by offering buyers a clear understanding of their property.

The Key to Smart Development: Topographic Surveys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

There are several different types of surveys, but the most common ones include the lot survey, boundary survey, subdivision survey, topographic survey, and plot plan. The lot survey is done for lots within a subdivision, the boundary survey is used to determine property lines and involves studying deeds and documents from your local land registry. The subdivision survey is used to divide existing land into smaller lands, while the topographic survey provides a detailed map of the property’s physical features like trees, hills, ponds, and fences. The plot plan is used to record the location of the house, garage, and other structures.

In order to be licensed, a land surveyor must complete a degree program and pass a comprehensive examination. He or she must also be in good standing with the state board and have no disciplinary actions against their license. Surveyors are responsible for determining property lines, mapping features above and below the ground, preparing plans to subdivide or consolidate properties, establishing monuments, and staking out improvements to be built. They must be knowledgeable about the Pennsylvania’s environmental laws and regulations, as well as the local zoning ordinances.

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