First Home Buyer Conveyancing

The first thing that first home buyers need to consider is their finances. They need to assess their savings, income and expenses to determine how much they can afford to spend on a property. They also need to factor in other costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees and inspections.More info:

What are the rules for first home buyers in Melbourne?

A good conveyancer can help first home buyers navigate the process and make informed decisions. They will also assist them with obtaining finance and determining their eligibility for the first home buyer’s grant. They will also prepare and review the contract of sale. Moreover, they will assist with any property settlement queries that may arise.

TM Conveyancing Services is a reliable and trusted conveyancing firm that has been operating since 1997. They handle private sales, auctions, residential and commercial purchases, subdivision plans and transfers of land. Their team is backed by a comprehensive range of professional skills and extensive industry experience.

They are a licensed company and hold a professional indemnity insurance cover against civil liability. They also offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes for their clients. Their client service is excellent, and they are committed to ensuring that the contract settles on the specified date. They will provide regular updates and keep you informed of the progress of your matter.

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