How to Detect Disposable Emails

detect disposable emails

Email validation services are a must for businesses and marketers. They help you keep the quality of your list high, identify invalid email addresses and prevent bad data from damaging your ROI. However, some email addresses are much more difficult to detect than others. One of the most troublesome is disposable email addresses.

People use detect disposable emails for a variety of reasons. The most common is that they are concerned about their internet privacy and don’t want their real email address to be shared with a company they sign up with. Others have more menacing motivations, like trolls, hackers and spammers who use disposable email to remain untraceable.

Disposable email addresses are a huge problem for companies as they don’t deliver long-term engagement and can have a negative impact on churn rates, ROI and other analytics. Identifying them requires a sophisticated solution that can adapt to the constant change in new disposable email providers.

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The best way to spot a disposable email address is to run it through an email verification tool. These tools check for the domain name, which is the text string that comes after the @ symbol, against a database of known disposable email domains. If the domain is on the list, the tool knows that the email address is temporary and not valid.

Other ways to identify disposable emails include looking for unusual characters or short lengths, and checking if the email has been used in recent times. You can also check the email’s “Message-ID” or “Internet message ID”, which is a unique identifier that is set in the Internet header of an email.

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