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IOU Sports in the Women’s Sports Industry

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IOU Sports is creating a Women's Sports industry. Uniting Women in business and sports. It’s about time we start to value who we are and what we do as an industry to build off it. IOU Sports’ overall goal is to empower young girls using education through sports as an avenue that instills discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness to create well-rounded individuals. They envision programs created by women, for women.

With IOU Sports’ programs, the young women are given more opportunities to be recognized in the community. These young women can have such a significant impact on other young girls to do better and achieve higher levels of success. As an amateur athlete, you really appreciate what people put in front of you to help you move forward with your goals. And moving forward, you should always look back at the path you chose to get where you are now and share the experience with others.

The women who don’t have these same opportunities in the city benefit greatly from IOU Sports. It is motivation and encouragement of the heights they can reach. We need more women out in the forefront of things to instill confidence. A lot of women these days are learning that they have more options and that they don’t have to be on the bench and let others step up. Instead, they can lead. It is empowering young women and girls to do better and put their energy into something positive and productive. The growing period takes patience, but IOU Sports has created an environment that sees women as the head of the pack. Women don’t have barriers here.

There aren’t many women professional sports teams in WI, and when the opportunity presented itself to Bernell, she took the idea and ran with it. Not only have the programs she created been successes in the community, but the fan base continues to grow. People in the community want to be proud of their young girls. So, they contribute to the success of it, investing in the process to get these young girls into better positions for their future.
What IOU Sports does as an industry that is a massive impact in our communities is motivate and create brighter women. High school girls who play sports are less likely to experience an unintended pregnancy, more likely to get better grades, and more likely to graduate than girls who do not play sports. They say girls and women who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression. If it is possible lower the rate of depression and the acts of suicide that often accompany this, why wouldn’t we want to push for this organization to propel forward at a rapid rate. This organization can reach new heights, and pull along those invested and genuinely involved in bettering themselves as young women.

The most significant achievement is catching these young girls at the point where their strengths can be pulled out and shown to them to help encourage higher education. The other part of the program is to get the girls to have an interest in working in the field of sports. As IOU Sports tries to educate the girls, they want to show them what every angle looks like. In this industry, we need more women coaches, more women administrators, more women athletic trainers, etc. in all areas of the field of sports.
Creating young women leaders to prosper is such an essential part of growing, as well as transitioning from the amateur stage to the professional phase of sports. IOU Sports hopes that they carry what they have learned with them to pass on. Building upon the industry in such a progressive way shows the changing times, as well as maintaining the goals of the organization.

May 2018 | By: Dominique Lambright | DML Editing & Writing |

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