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IOU Sports Partners with Bridging the Gap

November 25, 2014 

Milwaukee, WI - IOU Sports recognizes the importance of partnering with other community organizations to provide the best services and experiences possible to our youth and their families.

Below is just one of the many "non-profit friends" we would like to recognize for their partnership.

Bridging the Gap Learning Center, Inc. (BTG) is a 501c3 organization with a mission to educate, inspire and equip underserved youth and adults with the necessary tools and resources to develop and maintain successful futures and strong, productive communities. This is accomplished through a full range of educational, developmental and training programs and services.








Robert Byrd, Founder of Bridging the Gap with IOU Sports All Sports Camp participants.

In June of 2015, we will launch, “The Girls Golf Enrichment Program” to address the benefit of golf to girls ages 6 – 12 motivating them to continue their education through accessing physical fitness and life lessons through golf.  The Girls Golf Enrichment Program will give girls a rare opportunity to get the kind of training in which they will flourish and reach their potentials to compete. Girls will be taught the basic fundamentals of the game along with swing techniques, rules and leadership etiquette. 

We are seeking equipment and or monetary donations to assist in launching this program.  Please fill out the donation form to help us prepare 50 girls to walk out on the Golf Course!  Thank You!

We will need the following:

Visors / Caps

Golf Gloves (left and right)

Polo Shirts / T-Shirts

Golf Shoes

Host a Golf outing

Bernell Hooker

Bernell Hooker is the Founder and CEO of Images of Us (IOU) Sports; a non-profit organization that empowers girls and women through education and sports. "Think of yourself as an athlete. I guarantee you it will change the way you walk, the way you work, and the decisions you make about leadership, teamwork, and success." - Mariah Burton Nelson