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Cynthia Good - Owner, Founding Editor PINK Magazine

By Bernell Hooker

A colleague introduced me to PINK Magazine.  She was so excited about their November 2006 issue that addressed careers in Women Sports.  To be exact, it read “Women Driving Sports Biz, Nike to NASCAR.”  You see this colleague; Kathy Bornheimer owner of K.B. and Associates is a Human Resource Consultant and author of several publications regarding Street Smart Job Search and Employment issues.  We both are collaborating on a project for careers and women in sports.  It was as if PINK came our way just in time.  A magazine that a business woman can relate too, stories about women in business and issues that concerns us.

I had the privilege to interview Cynthia Good, a modest and aggressive business woman.  I say aggressive because she’s passionate about PINK and I see nothing wrong in calling a woman aggressive.  That’s the business we’re in and this is why PINK is a magazine for the Business Woman.  PINK is straight to the point, thought provocative, and an in-depth look into the world of business – With a Woman’s Perspective.”

Age:                             46
First Job:                    Created a sandwich board advertising campaign in college.
Education:                  BA in political science UCLA first year study at Sarah Lawrence
Resides:                     Atlanta
Grew up:                     in LA
Person most admired:            Helen Keller – she could overcome any obstacle
Best advice received: There’s no such thing as “Can’t” and the person who wins isn’t the genius – it’s the person who doesn’t give up – my dad used to tell me.
First job:                     First real job... TV anchor, producer, writer, editor, photographer at a tiny TV market in Eureka California KERO-TV
Favorite movie:          Today it’s The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite sporting event: Equestrian, I also hold a world record for catching the largest roosterfish, jazz dancer.
Last book read:          The Mermaid Chair – just finished it.

Tell us about Pink Magazine and the women behind it?
Women are the reason this magazine is succeeding... women who read pink, all the thousands of women who have helped us along with the way. So many women are passionate about helping other women!!

Describe the work environment at Pink.
There are pink walls and inspiring quotes on the walls; quotes you’ve seen in the magazine i.e. “The key to success is to make people dream.” (Richard Feynman)
It’s an open air old loft building... high ceilings, brick in the shape of a triangle.

Your magazine articles and stories are so in the realness of business and women.  Is this by choice or chance?            Nothing happens by chance.

What makes Pink different from all the other Women magazines?
PINK is different because the entire focus of this magazine is on the woman’s life thru the perspective of her professional passion. There is no other national magazine exclusively for women in business.

How did your background as a journalist prepare you in the publishing business?
The point of journalism for me was always about having the chance make a difference, to make the world somehow better. I worked in TV news for nearly a quarter of a century, wrote six books, tons of magazine articles, launched a local women’s biz mag, had children, grew as a person – now this.

What was your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is to share editorial content that our very smart women readers don’t already know, to find stories that highlight what keeps women up at night and to find real solutions so women can honestly have more success and joy and work and in their lives. Also it’s challenging as a business owner (remember PINK is owned and operated by myself and PINK’s Founding Publisher Genevieve Bos)

How would you define “success” for your career?
Everyone defines success in their own way. No definition is wrong. For me it’s about doing work I’m passionate about and I feel can make a difference, being surrounded with smart colleagues who challenge me in a creative environment where there is lots of support and encouragement and joy.  Usually I’ve found financial success follows.

What advice can you give women who are in business?
Don’t ever just take a job – instead find something you’re passionate about.  Be a big advocate on your own behalf. Remember it’s your responsibility to create the life you want. Ask for what you want. Sadly, data shows most women don’t! We don’t ask for raises (so the men next to you at work are earning much more than you are). We don’t take care of our health because too often we put ourselves last on our own to-do list. We don’t demand the relationships we want etc. It’s up to us!

What’s the first word that comes to mind to the following?
Share  - we have nothing if we can’t share it with each other
Educate – we have an obligation to mentor those coming up behind us – it’s how we become immortal, generosity is everything.
Empower – You have the power. It’s already there. It’s up to each of us to decide whether we’ll use it.

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