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Certified Agent - Monique Maye

Monique Maye, the President of Maye & Associates Sports Management is a native of New York City, where she attended Brooklyn College and received a degree in Political Science.

Monique spent four years on the hardwood at Brooklyn College. Upon the completion of her career, Monique traveled to Luxembourg, Europe to play for Amis du Basket Contern. It was at this time that she decided to return to the states with a vision of representing athletes in their quest to play internationally.

Upon returning to the States, Monique coached at Brooklyn College and Northeastern University, then went on to receive her law degree from Massachusetts School of Law, focusing in the field of Sports & Entertainment Law.





Previous Job:


First Job:

Day care counselor


BA Political Science, MA Sports Management, JD Massachusetts School of Law



Grew up:

Brooklyn, New York

Person most admired:

My Mother

Favorite movie:

Prince of Tides

Favorite musician:

Miles Davis

Favorite book:

I’ve Known Rivers by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

You’re a former basketball player and coach. How did playing in these roles help with your decision to become a sports agent and start your own company?
When I played in Europe, I saw a need for better agents who would have the interest of the player. As a former player and learning about team bonding, this allowed me to grow as an individual as well. Being on a team made me a stronger person. It taught me about sacrifice, decision making and leadership. Being a player and a coach on all levels taught me how to be a winner, even win I was not on a winning team.

What does a Sports Agent do?
A sports agent negotiates the contract for his or her clients and make sure that the contract is upheld by both the team and the player. Some agents do marketing for their clients as well.

Do you work with both male and female athletes?
Yes, I do work with both male and female basketball players.

What is your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is finding the right athletes to fit into my organization. I would like to be able to represent everyone and give them the same opportunities that were given to me. However, from a business prospective, that is not realistic.

What’s the biggest career risk you’ve taken?
Starting my own business and competing with the larger companies was the risk that I took many years ago. With the right clients, business is moving along more smoothly each year.

What’s the first word that comes to mind to the following?
Share – Unity
Educate – Power
Empower – Dominate

What advise would you give women wanting to get into this industry?
I would advise any women who is interested in working in the sports industry to go for it and to not allow anyone to stop you from realizing your dream. Women in this industry have come a long way. We will continue to grow in numbers and will be able to empower more and more women to come into this wonderful world of Sport.

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