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Alfreeda Goff - Senior Associate Commissioner/Chief of Staff – Horizon League

One of the most highly respected women involved in intercollegiate athletics today, Alfreeda Goff is in her seventh year at the Horizon League and presently serves as one of two Senior Associate Commissioners. In this capacity, she serves the Horizon League as its director of championships, Senior Woman Administrator, League governance liaison, and Chief of Staff. She came to the Horizon League in September 1998 after spending four years as the Director of Athletics at Virginia State University in Petersburg.

In 1999, Goff was named one of seven district winners of the Administrator-of-the-Year Award, which is presented annually by the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA). Alfreeda served as president of NACWAA for 2004-05.




Sr. Associate Commissioner/Chief of Staff - Horizon League

Previous Job:

High School Science/Physical Education Teacher – Pittsburgh Public School System


BA/MS - Education


Indianapolis, IN

Grew up:

Wilmerding, PA – suburb east of Pittsburgh

Person most admired:


Favorite movie:

Pretty Woman

Favorite musician:

Wes Montgomery

Favorite book:


What advice can you share about work, life and balance?
No one has an exact formula, but one must prioritize what is important in their life – family, religion, job, etc. and stay true to yourself.

What is your role as the Senior Associate Commissioner for the Horizon League?
I oversee the championships, governance of the League, liaison for several administrative committees and serve in the capacity of the SWA for the League.

What is your biggest challenge?
Telling people NO – I find myself agreeing to serve on committees, work on projects, and take on new tasks no matter what is already on my plate as I feel that if people ask me to be a part of something that they believe in and I do also, I should give my very best effort and time to them.

The NCAA is celebrating 25 years of Women’s Championships. How did these past 25 years shape women’s sports?
This time period allowed us to educate people on the importance of sports for girls/women and the long term positive effects sports have. Once that was accomplished many more opportunities were made available for women in all aspects and levels of sports on a regional, national, and international setting.

What’s the first word that comes to mind to the following?
Share – Knowledge
Educate – People
Empower – Delegate

I’ve heard you tell the story about your son Anton, who is an Assistant Athletics Director at the University of Maryland, who was questioned about working for a woman. Could you share that story?
He thought it odd that someone would ask him that question as he had been around athletics, specifically women’s athletics since he was 6 years old. To him, women should receive the same respect as a man when it comes to leadership in athletics. Having been raised by me, a single Mother, he also understands the challenges that women face in intercollegiate athletics. His philosophy is “Be True to the Game and the Game Will Be True to You”. No matter who is in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, it is about who is on the bus and getting to the set destination. Anton has been very instrumental in my career as he was and is my number one priority. Any career choice I made was done with his input.

What advice would you give women wanting a career in sports?
Be willing to take a risk if needed. Don’t be afraid of change. Understand that this is still a career that is dominated by men, but there is room in the business for women. Seek out a mentor. Never be afraid to ask for help. Grunt work is good in this business – it provides you with great experiences. Be like a sponge and absorb as much as you can. Learning is an ongoing process. Take advantage of women’s professional organizations and the educational opportunities they offer. Be involved in more than athletics on your job.

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